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How can I reduce my level of irritability after something annoys me?

Irritability is often associated with underlying mood disorders and personality types. To reduce your level of irritability, it is important to recognize when it is happening and use cognitive behavioral therapy as a way to address it. Additionally, treating the underlying mood disorder can help reduce the irritability.
Transcript: "Okay, so this question is how can I reduce my level of irritability after something annoys me? So irritability, excuse me, is an interesting concept in that it has been related to, you know, organic structural brain changes. But more often than we see irritability associated with specific personality types, but also with underlying mood disorders. And I will say that oftentimes folks with personality disorders also have underlying mood disorders, so they're not mutually exclusive. But when irritability is associated with an underlying mood disorder, treating that underlying mood disorder really often resolves the irritability that's associated with that. We see this really commonly in depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, we see it in psychotic disorders, and we see it in borderline personality disorder, narcissism. So these things are very closely related. The other thing about irritability is that it's hard sometimes to recognize. It's a habit that sets in, it's very quick, it's a kind of a defense mechanism in a lot of ways. And so one way to resolve that is to recognize when it's happening and before it kind of gets to a point where it's problematic. And cognitive behavioral therapy is really one of the ways to do that."