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Beyond therapy, what other resources do you recommend for those seeking mental health support?

Prioritize support systems you already have, and if not, find new ones by joining classes, a running group or volunteering.
Transcript: "Beyond therapy. What other resources? Do you recommend for those seeking mental health support? I think the most important thing is to assess what supports you already have in your life and really lean into them. So, do you have friends? Do you have family? Are you part of a volunteer organization? Where are the places that you can feel connected to others and be doing things that help you see your value that help? You see? See where you are and are not alone. Those are the things that I would often recommend. I would first leaned in to support systems that already exists. And if they don't exist, where can you find new support systems? Can you join a class? Can you join a running group? Can you think about volunteering? These are all ways in which you can be more connected to others, which is a great way to Foster support."