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Nicole Sachs, LCSW

Psychotherapist, Podcaster & Founder of The Cure for Chronic Pain
Nicole Sachs, LCSW is a speaker, writer, podcaster and psychotherapist dedicated to treating chronic pain, symptoms, syndromes and conditions. She is a faculty instructor at OMEGA Institute, 1440 Multiversity, The Art of Living Retreat Center and more. Her book, The Meaning of Truth, and online course FREEDOM FROM CHRONIC PAIN help people heal without medication or surgery. Her brand, The Cure for Chronic Pain, includes a Website, YouTube Channel, and Podcast with over 3 Million downloads. Based on Dr. John Sarno's work, her programs use JournalSpeak to rewire neural pathways, and give repressed trauma and emotions a "steam valve." Her work is powerful and life altering, and she serves as a sage guide, igniting the willingness in each of us to seek more out of life and reclaim personal power.
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