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Mary E. May, MFT

Leadership Strategist w/a background in Relationship Therapy-Coaching, Team dev
Mary May, MFT is a clinician dedicated to helping her clients identify, confront & resolve interpersonal conflict & barriers to success. She believes in empowering individuals to nurture & build sustaining relationships for inner & outer happiness. Mary utilizes evidence-based practices & has been effective with children, adolescents, young adults, individuals & couples.

Mary is an innovative speaker and trainer, educator, and presenter. Key elements of concentration include the development of prevention and sustainable interactions with innovative strategies that promote personal growth in language and productivity.  She is a sought-after facilitator guiding the development of cohesive teams, leadership, elevated implementation, and change agency. Mary is a staunch advocate for preventative care and bridging the gap of wellness by integrating diverse and equitable solutions. Butterfly Love Academy offers consulting, coaching, prevention, and team building narratives that sustain.
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