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Calvin Fitch, PhD

Clinical psychologist based at Harvard Medical School/Mass General Hospital
Dr. Calvin Fitch is a clinical psychologist based at Harvard Medical School/Mass General Hospital. His ambition, drive, and quiet confidence have launched him from humble beginnings of being unstably housed to being on faculty at the top academic institutions in the world including Harvard Medical School and Fenway Health, the largest LGBT healthcare and research institution in the world.
Dr. Fitch  operates a private practice as “The Social Anxiety Doctor” in both Massachusetts and Florida. Dr. Fitch recognizes that much of human distress is driven by living in a world that is not the most validating of our unique individual identities or experiences. He leverages his own experiences overcoming social anxiety caused by racism and heterosexism and combines this with his world-class Psychology training to teach and model ways for others to find joy in a sometimes invalidating world
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