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What is the most significant decision you have made in your life so far?

The biggest decision I've made in my life is to trust and invest in myself, believe in my gut feeling, and be able to ego-check myself. This has helped me more than I can put into words and will continue to do what I do as I move forward.
Transcript: "What's the most significant decision I've made in my life so far? Well there's a lot of big ones that I can think of. A lot of them that would seem very, very obvious, but honestly the biggest decision in my life that I've made in the entirety of my life is to believe in myself, trust myself, and invest in myself. Understand that my gut feeling often is the one that I should go with. It's the one that's the most educated, even more so than I necessarily may gather information later on, you know, from practical experience. But to believe in myself, but to also be able to ego check myself to some greater degree, right? I will always lean into whatever I think is the right thing to do, what I'm passionate about, what I love. I will go deep down the rabbit hole. I will continue to chase goals that I haven't even set for myself yet. I just do things, guys. That's what I do. And the decision to lean into that, you have to ignore the background noise. I'm in an active distillery. The decision to lean into that has helped me with my life more than I could possibly ever put into words, and is by far the single greatest decision that I've ever made in my life. I will continue to do what I do, as I do, into the future, maybe with some surprising results. We'll just have to see."