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What characterized the period of your life where you experienced the most personal growth?

During my transition from my last distillery to my current one, and when I started living with my wife, there were two periods where I had the most personal growth. During this time, I became a professional distiller, implemented my own protocols, overcame trepidation and worked hard to make it successful.
Transcript: "So what characterized the period of your life where you experienced the most personal growth? Well it was in between my last distillery in this one and then during the setup and the initial years of this distillery. So in that same time period I moved in with my wife Kimberly Marie Bishop, my now wife, and she got pregnant. I became a daddy. I was going from a brand new distiller in the industry even though I've been distilling at home for many many years to a professional distiller captured at a job previously that I did not much care for working for people that I didn't necessarily much care for and I was getting an opportunity to come to a new place, implement my own distillation program, my own distillation protocols, my own yeast protocols, my own mash bills etc. And so that caused me to step up a little bit. There's a little trepidation though in there too because you know I didn't know if I was really cut out to be in this industry or not after being in it for a couple years in Louisville Kentucky and seeing how things really worked on the legal side of distillation and so there was a lot of what-ifs and ands or buts etc as there currently are right now in my life but those are generally the time periods where I learned the most. I really put my nose to the grindstone. I get after it. I do the things I need to do and I make it successful and I stick to it until it gets where it needs to go. All I need is a tall ship and a star to sail or bye guys. That's what I got."