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What are the one career objective and one personal objective that you want to accomplish before you die?

My career objective is to restart the distilling tradition of the Black Forest of Southern Indiana, which has Washington, Orange, Lawrence, Crawford, Harrison and Perry counties, that was active between 1858 and 1914. My personal objective is to be a good father, husband, brother, son, and person.
Transcript: "What are the one career objective and the one personal objective that I want to accomplish before I die? Well, the career objective I've already started. That is restarting the distilling tradition of the Black Forest of Southern Indiana, which is Washington, Orange, Lawrence, Crawford, Harrison, and Perry Counties, where between 1858 and 1914 there were 150 plus legal operating distilleries, and it was known as the Apple Brandy Capital of the World to the extent that we're actually exporting Apple Brandy that went into Normandy. So that's pretty special, right? But that died out because of Prohibition, because of the Temperance Movement, and because of some other organizations that were involved. I have gotten us into USA Today, best U.S. craft brandy distillery in the United States competition for three years. We won it last year. That's a big deal. We just pulled in two new golds from the Denver International Spirits Competition on our Apple Brandy, and I started to help start the first distillery in the Black Forest region since before Prohibition, which is pretty special to me. So that's all well and good and easy and on its way. I'm not done yet. I've got a lot more to do. On the personal side, just be a good father, a good husband, a good brother, and a good son. A good person, if I can be, where I can."