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Kelci Koonce

Certified Bourbon Steward
Kelci Koonce is a natural-born whiskey enthusiast with moonshining in her family’s history. After attending a virtual event with Kings County Distillery, she knew she wanted to work in the beverage alcohol industry and shortly after connected with the distillery on Instagram. Now the head tour guide at Kings County Distillery, Kelci loves to educate guests on distilling and whiskey history. Her daily life includes prepping tours, stocking the gift shop, leading tours, and cleaning up afterward. When she’s not at work, Kelci loves to enjoy whiskey neat or create whiskey cocktails for the summer. She encourages women who want to work in the distilled spirits industry to know their fit, remember their “why” and be their authentic selves. For her perfect whiskey weekend in Brooklyn, Kelci loves it when her tour groups leave enthusiastic to learn more. After work, she snacks on her favorite sub and hangs out with the team at the Gatehouses, soaking up the summer sun and breeze.
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