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Kali Dayton,DNP,AGACNP

Nurse Practitioner specializing in ICU delirium, sedation, and mobility care. 
Kali is a nurse practitioner that specializes in sedation and mobility practices in the ICU. 

She is the host of 2 podcasts: 
“Walking Home From the ICU” is dedicated to helping ICU clinicians understand patient perspective and current research around medically-induced comas. 

“Walking You Through the ICU” provides information, perspective and tools to help loved ones of ICU patients advocate for practices for the best chance to survive and thrive. 

Kali trains ICU teams to become “Awake and Walking ICUs” through current research and humane treatments. She supports patient advocates to help ICU teams the ABCDEF Bundle in their loved one’s care in the ICU.
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