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Can you share any examples of health challenges that you or your colleagues have faced and overcome?

When overcoming challenges with fitness, it is important to check your ego at the door and listen to advice from professionals. Focus on nutrition and creating healthy habits. Be mindful of how any exercises you do affect your mobility and performance.
Transcript: "Here's a great example for you about how to overcome, you know some challenges with with Fitness either as a first responder and just in general shoulder injury about 18 months ago and you know the biggest thing you need to do when you get injured is you got to check your ego at the door and you got to listen to those people around you, that know what they're talking about, do your rehab exercises, like, you're supposed to and also remember that nutrition. Can play a lot into helping you recover and to improve. So any health issue, a lot of times is just a great way to help you reset. Check yourself at the door and look at what habits have I created or what things am I doing. Are they making me more healthy? Or are they a digressing? My health, you know. Bench press is a great exercise but I'm almost 50 years old and by doing it really heavy deteriorates. My joints, which then Then you know, decreases my mobility and it decreases my performance. So by focusing on different things, helps you overcome those, those challenges. And a lot of times this all begins with looking in the mirror and checking your ego at the door. Do you really need to lift 600 pounds? If you can't move efficiently, you can't fake bad nutrition and you can't fake not working your core."