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Chad Bruckner

Keynote Speaker & Former Detective, Patrol Leader, and Undercover Officer
Chad Bruckner is from the Phila, PA area and grew up in a service-oriented family. Chad’s grandfathers, father, uncle and brother all served in the Military. Chad enlisted in the U.S. Army Infantry at 17 and concluded his service after 8 years. Chad led combat missions, served with great men, and achieved inspirational things for others. After the military, Chad served 13 years in Law Enforcement in multiple roles such as Detective, Undercover Officer, and Patrol Leader. Currently, Chad is an entrepreneur, leading multiple ventures, and thoroughly enjoys meeting inspirational people who are positive way. Chad gets a lot of fulfillment and purpose by training, mentoring, and coaching first responders and veterans. Chad is a speaker and presents on issues such as Leadership, Mental Health, Trauma, and Resiliency. Chad is a published author and is working on another book. Chad is a Mental Health Peer Advocate. His Faith and Core Values guide Chad. He is committed his life to the mission of serving others. Chad has one purpose; to connect with people in a meaningful way to help them survive, thrive and conquer their dreams. Chad staunchly believes that humans should chase the feats that bring them joy and purpose.

Chad is married to the love of his life and has 3 children. Chad loves Philly sports and music and is a movie buff. Chad would love to connect with you.
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