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What was the biggest barrier you faced starting KATC?

The biggest barrier I faced starting ktc was myself. I'm someone who's very one-track minded and doesn't like to take on new things, so it took me a while to accept the change of adding a new business onto the existing brand.
Transcript: "What was the biggest barrier you faced starting KATC? So, you know, from a surface level, I didn't really have a barrier. And the reason I say that is because when I started KATC, it was already, you know, well-established business. Lots of clientele, making a lot of money. I was, you know, there was nothing that was stopping me from rebranding other than myself. So, KTC was, it was, it came from the fact that it created, when I created my Instagram page, which was Kids in the City, and it was created so that I can kind of put my teamwork on another, you know, sector of Instagram. It blew up, and it blew up really fast just because of word of mouth from my existing clientele that I kind of grew up with. And they were calling for Kids in the City, but we ran into the phone, Arduilla Photography. So, it was just creating so much confusion that we just decided, you know what, let's just rebrand and just call the business, you know, Kids in the City. And KTC is just the acronym for Kids in the City, Kids and the City. But that was never like the plan. I just kind of like ran with it. But so, I guess in the end, the answer to this would be the biggest barrier, honestly, is me. I'm somebody who's very, very one-track minded, especially when things are going well. I don't like take on new things because I tend to like rock the boat. And because I'm so one-track minded, I sometimes like leave one thing, concentrate and grow on another thing just because I'm just so analytical with it all. I'm even going through that right now because I, you know, again, just being really lucky and blessed to have things fall in my lap. I'm got a business, a branding business where I'm photographing adults. A lot of people don't know it, but it's pretty big and we are about to start a new business on that. And again, just me, you know, somebody who doesn't accept change very, very easily. I've got to rebrand. So, not rebrand, but add to the brand. So, the biggest barrier, it's me."