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What strategies do you use to ensure that your Fire Department stays up to date with the latest technologies and best practices?

Firefighters stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and best practices by understanding the basics, reading Firehouse Magazine, staying aware of UL testing, and learning from experiences.
Transcript: "This is something in the fire service that we always have, as we always have the latest and greatest and best practices. And a lot of times, it's great to understand the basics. And that's what we always say, is understand the basics first, because you never know when the latest greatest or the technology is going to fail. And you have to go back to the roots of what your training was. And we always maintain, I mean, there's a fire engineering Firehouse magazines that really keep us up-to-date the UL testing. Is also another thing that helps us to understand the materials that are being used in buildings, but a lot of times it comes from experiences that comes from the situations that people get into and they tell their story afterwards of how they utilize certain equipment, how do they utilize certain Personnel to be able to make it work? And I think that's how we stay up-to-date on most of the new technologies needed and the best practices."