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What sorts of modifications need to be made on your running leg before races/practices?

I don't make any modifications to my blades. If I need modifications done, I go straight to my prosthetist. The biggest modification I do make is drying my stump before race.
Transcript: "Hey, Jeannie. This is a very interesting question, because I actually don't make any modifications to my blades ever. Honestly. Um, I always go to my prosthetist because I am like such a klutz. And I definitely will be the one to like mess up something right before race. So personally, I do not deal with my blades or touch them or modify them or do anything to them before. Erase before practice. If I need any modifications done, I am like straight to my prosthetist and getting the work done there. Because like I said, I am a total Klutz and I will mess something up, and I don't have time for that. So, I do not make any modifications. The biggest modification I do make is drying my stump because my stomach gets very sweaty especially at practice, when we're doing multiple reps of things, and definitely before race, if you ever seen any of my races, Has. I am always the one sitting down. Drying my leg right before the gun goes off. So no modifications over here. My model is if it's not broke, why fix it? So that's kind of where I'm at."