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What’s your strategy for improving stroke rate without losing much DPS in sprint free? (My LCM 50 is 24.5 with 35 strokes but very low stroke rate)

My priority is to improve stroke rate without sacrificing much DPS. To do this, I need to focus on improving my technique and maintaining a high level of power output throughout each stroke. This requires staying mindful of my body position and the efficiency of my movements. Additionally, I should be aware of any potential areas of drag and work to reduce them.
Transcript: "So, OK, I'm going to make you think a little bit. You're talking about improving stroke rate, but without losing much DPS. What does that even mean? So you don't want to lose DPS at all. You want to swim as efficient as you can. And if you don't want to sacrifice DPS, what's your priority here? And why shouldn't you be solely focusing on your priority?"