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What's the best timing of freestyle rotation in relation to the pulling motion?

At the deepest point of the catch, I ask athletes to think about shifting their opposite hip forward and connecting across the body. This will help them feel more torque in their stroke as their shoulders rotate more than their hips.
Transcript: "Hey, I'm at, in terms of the timing of rotation and the pole and freestyle, I like to talk about sort of at the G almost at the deepest point of your catch, the most vertical part of your catch. That's when I asked an athlete to think about shifting their opposite hip forward, right? So that opposite, if I'm pulling with my left arm, my right hip is still open a bit, and that's what I want too. About driving that right hip towards that. Deep. That deep point of the hand that catch connecting across the body. So to me, that would be the timing. So, you're still a little bit on the left side, the right hip is a little bit open as you're in the meat of your catch, you're going to drive your left hip forward. The I'm sorry. The right hip forward. And then that right shoulder will also drive forward. You can really feel the This when you are doing a single arm drill and I would like to just point out here that I'm not a big fan of a lot of hip rotation. They obviously do rotate, but the shoulders will rotate more so it's not just swivel but there's a little bit of torque because your hips shoulders are rotated a little bit more than your hips."