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What kinds of experiences have you had with animals while you've been surrfing?

I've seen five great whites while surfing, and have also seen whales, dolphins, turtles, and sea otters. It's been a surreal and beautiful experience.
Transcript: "I've had some incredible experiences with animals. The big questions, obviously, living in South Africa. Have I ever seen a great white? I've seen about five, Great Whites, while surfing when I was young my friend actually had breached out the Water by great whites and Jeffrey's Bay. He landed back in the water. His board was shattered into three pieces, his leash it snapped and he had to swim ashore. Luckily, the shark didn't come back for him and all he had was like a little scratch on his wet suit on his stomach, nothing else? Else I've had to like swim past me really close. I could almost touch them, but all the other times when I've seen them, I haven't felt threatened. It's been a very strange surreal experience. I've also seen whales really close and dolphins, turtles, sea otters. It's one of the beautiful things about surfing is all the marine life, you see."