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What is your most unhealthy habit?

It depends on how much you are drinking and how it is affecting your performance. If it is not impacting your performance or health negatively, then it may not be considered unhealthy.
Transcript: "Hi, I guess from a perspective standpoint, if a habit is unhealthy, it's affecting your performance. But if you truly enjoy that habit, is it really that unhealthy? This is mine, Belgian beer."
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John Sinclair

Health and Human Performance Engineer
Hi, I guess from a perspective standpoint, if a habit is unhealthy, it's affecting your performance. But if you truly enjoy that habit, is it really that unhealthy? This is mine, Belgian beer.
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Jodie Swallow

🇬🇧 Short/Med - Olympian, 3x World Champion
So, my unhealthiest habit and I have a few, but this one is probably quite disturbing, and probably more disturbing than the other ones that I viewed on here. But I think it's important to voice because it's true and I'm sure I'm not the only person or athlete or ex-athlete that does this. I am probably the only mother of three kids including twins that does this and actually still kind of gives it A second thought that every time I go to the toilet, I left my t-shirt up and I do a side profile of my tummy started just pre eating disorder at the age of 18. So if I ate anything it looked to me like it was sticking out and that was if it wasn't sticking out that was my judge that I was thin enough and it has carried on every time. I so I'm don't have any eating. Order any more haven't had for many years. But every time I go to the toilet, I do this, I stand up. Look in the mirror and criticize myself about this that or other that I don't look like. Yeah, that's probably needs fixing probably. I'll probably fix it when I'm a bit older. I mean, I'm 40 now, so I'll live with it for another 20 years.
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Taylor McKeown

🇦🇺 Breastroke: Olympics 🥈, Worlds 🥉🥉
I don't know what's going on tonight. But the questions on here are freaking awesome. And I love this one, too, because it's not all sunshine and daisies, and it's nice to get to know, athletes and experts on a deeper level, based on their unhealthy bad habits, and it makes us all feel human to know that other people do the same. So I absolutely love this question for me. My most unhealthy habit is easily falling into a trap of having a lot of self-doubt, when it comes to my ability on race day. Probably the most unhealthy Habit in terms of swimming. But also I am a sucker for going to bands and enjoying a good night out and listening to my favourite music and watching gigs and at times it has been difficult to make the decision to not go to like a music festival or a gig over prioritizing my swimming. So my unhealthy habit outside of my athletic career would be balancing a social life with my athletic career. There's definitely going to be athletes who have been in the same boat as me. But at the end of the day, I was just remind myself that outside of swimming, the rest of my life. There's plenty of times to go out and be social and have friends and go to music festivals and want that kind of thing. And now it's time for my swimming career. So that would be my most unhealthy habit. I mean, who doesn't love a good party?
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Emma Pallant-Browne

🇬🇧 Multi 70.3 🥇, 2x World Champ Duathlete
So I would probably say right now, living at my mom's, it's her homecooked food. I am demolishing her fruitcake. But yeah, I'd say unhealthy habits, a habit something that I do a lot is maybe a lack of sleep. I definitely wish I was someone that was better at sleeping. I think that would help for sure.
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Dr. Ted Forcum

USA Olympic Team Chiropractor
Eduardo. I like this question, you know, I thinking about it. I think my most unhealthy habit is putting not putting myself first and I know that sounds kind of odd, but when I don't put myself first then I'm not doing my workout. First thing. I'm not going through and foam rolling. I'm not focusing on my diet and when I do that I find. In that I can get more stuff done and I can provide more efficient and actually better quality attention to others. And so at the end result, when I put myself first, it actually helps other people just as much as it helps me, but sometimes it's kind of hard to realize that and you just want to get other stuff done. Cheers.
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Shane Ryan

🇮🇪 Olympian, World Champion 🥉 Backstroke
I think this is a really, really important question that like know that you've asked. And also I think a lot of athletes should ask themselves like what is my unhealthy habit and, you know, I've been going through a very very hard time with my shoulder because we had shoulder surgery back in December. And I'm trying to gear up for Europeans in two months and it's just one the most unhealthy habits. I have at the moment that I've seen that I've been struggling with is just saying negative comments about like oh my shoulder. This this this looks like Just saying them, put yourself in a bad situation into this negative mindset. And I think one of the hardest things is to try to get out of that and try to hold it, not really hold it in. But doing the all you can to get the most out of yourself and not to have those unhealthy thoughts or out. My unhealthy habit is thinking - really - silly and also saying the negative things as well because not it does. It only affects me as well but I have to be cautious. It's about my other teammates that I'm around because my negativity could affect them and that's not fair as a teammate and also as a person, you know, and just trying to like where I generally love my teammates and care about my team and I want the best for them. And me being negative isn't gonna help me and it's not going to help them. So I think that's my most unhealthy habit at the moment, but it's always going to change. There's always going to be unhealthy habit that the same time, there's going to be a lot of great habits as well that are going to be on top of that too. So yeah, so that's my most unhealthy. Easy habit.