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What is your body fat percentage and does it affect your performance?

I'm around 9% body fat right now, which is my max. Anything above 9% makes it hard for me to swim or sprint and affects the overall functionality of my body.
Transcript: "Right now, I'm around 9% of body fat. And we usually measure it with the InBody device. And this number, it's my max. Anything above 9%, I'm just too heavy to swim, too heavy to sprint, I don't feel good about myself, I'm not comfortable by the way I look. And it does make a difference in general because, of course, if your body fat is too high, you're going to be carrying that weight that doesn't really help you swimming, sprinting. Or if your body fat, it's extremely low, you're going to have some trouble absorbing some hormones and with the functionality of your body. So yeah, I think that's it."