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What is the best nutrition to consume when on the golf course?

I would recommend staying well hydrated with water and electrolytes and taking Morton gel packs throughout the round.
Transcript: "Hi Scott. Thanks for the question. I'm not sure if I can say specifically what someone should consume while on the golf course, that's probably more in your area of expertise than it is in mind. But what I can say is when I do an Ironman Triathlon, I like to keep it simple. And first of all, stay well hydrated with water and electrolytes. And then I also like to take these Morton gel packs. It's just a very simple kind of water glucose and fructose and these in the black ones and then these white ones have some added caffeine as well. So I'll sometimes mix that up and do take a couple of these per hour. So I imagine that would also work on the golf course, but I can let you know. It does work on longer distance, triathlons."