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What are your favourite 3 drills for breaststroke? Why and when do you practice them?

Three brushstroke drills include two kicks one pull, swimming half the pool in flutter kick and then transitioning to brushstroke arms halfway down, and pulling down between strokes.
Transcript: "Okay, three brushstroke drills. The first I'd say it's a super basic one. And super great for a timing technique. All that is two kicks one. Pull. It just really tightens everything up for me. So I'll often do that one in warmups. I've also really enjoyed and until recently the so you swim like, half the pool just lights going and light flutter kicking. And then about halfway down the pool going, too fast, brushstroke stroking, and Your flutter kicking. I'm not I just said that super confusing but so you skull halfway fast, brushstroke arms halfway, so that you can kind of feel the beginning of your pull and translate that into your pool. Lastly. I would say that for me since my pullouts are kind of a week or spot of my stroke. I've been doing a lot of just pull down, so I'll do like a pulldown. Come up due to a Strokes. Go back down to another pull down. Just do that all the way down the pool."