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What are the most common injuries in climbing?

The most common injuries in climbing are finger injuries, ankle injuries, elbow tendonitis, and ego injury.
Transcript: "What are the most common injuries in climbing? Again, I think this is an opinion question. So my opinion is, and this is from 30 years of observation while climbing, I've seen many people go ahead and tweak their fingers from pulling too hard on a small hold or from being in a mono pocket or a two finger pocket or something like that. So very small holds, pulling really hard, you get finger injuries. I see a lot of elbow tendinitis from overuse from campusing. I see a lot of foot injuries slash like sprained ankles from falling from a boulder problem and missing a pad or getting a poor spot. So we got finger injuries, we got ankle injuries, we got elbow injuries. And last but not least, the ego injury. If you go ahead and place all of everything that you are into a climb and you don't accomplish it, your ego gets bruised."