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What are some examples of healthy fats and how often should I consume them?

Examples of healthy fats include grass-fed butter, avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, Malaysian palm oil, and eggs. It is recommended to consume these healthy fats as often as possible.
Transcript: "Hi, so the question is, what are some examples of healthy fats? And how often should we consume them? So examples of healthy fats? I always like to start with grass-fed butter and I start with that now because it's the greatest that ever was invented. But because it is so misunderstood people think, oh, they're saturated fat in butter and it's bad for you. It's not bad for you. It's actually very good for you. And if you get it from grass-fed, Cows, as you should get all your animal products from pastured and humanely raised and fed on. Your natural diet, which is grass not green. Those are all healthy pets. So butter would be my first avocado oil obviously olive oil. It's probably the only food that the vegans and the carnivores all and everybody in between agrees on it's a great food and not just the extra virgin olive oil, but virgin olive oil and olive oil. Plain old olive oil is just loaded with really good stuff and I mention avocado, coconut oil, Malaysian palm oil. I like all of these what? I don't like are the oils that we've been told to consume more of ever since 1986. And it's been the worst advice we possibly could have gone. And that is the vegetable oils. The so-called vegetable oils are actually seed oils. But corn oil, soybean oil, canola oil, safflower oil, horrible pro-inflammatory world's, most of which are processed and many of which the majority of which, in least, in the case of corn and canola and soy bean are GMO. I don't like those oils. I don't They have any place in our kitchen and I had a My Mentor in nutrition. The great, Robert Crane on the great late. Robert Crown used to say if I wanted to commit murder and I wanted to do it in a nice serve tissues where I probably sneak into somebody's kitchen, get rid of all of their fats and replace it with corn oil, and soybean oil, and safflower oil. And so that's what he thought of them. And you know, 25, 30 years later. It turns out, he was right. Many of my colleagues and I agree. Add that the two worst things in the American diet are sugar and Seed oils. So, that's, that's my answer there. A great Orioles out there and great fats. I'm sure I missed a few of them. But what I do want to say about the question the second part of the question, which is how often should I consume them? I've never been a percentage nutritionist to a formula nutritionist, you know, blueberries. How often should they ate them as many as often as you possibly can. Is my answer to the good. You want to put these Foods in heavy rotation? There's no magic amount of times to consume their magic number of times. It's going to give you health benefits worth if you don't eat them that many of times and do not going to be of any value. And as far as that goes, I consume those fats every single day of my life. People who are unhealthy, keto diets consume 80% of their calories, as fats. Most of, which are those kinds of good fats? I didn't mention MCT or L, which is a wonderful fat, not for cooking. But for consumption as is, of course, fish oil. Same thing, not for Cooking. But for consumption flaxseed oil, but we consume those fats regularly, and, and eggs. I should have added eggs because they're so demonized, much like butter. And the fat in eggs is just wonderful for you and it's crazy to get rid of it. So I am a believer in healthy fat. I like to make it, if not the majority of my dad, certainly a large percentage of it. And I suggest that you do the same. And certainly that if you're not On a really high fat diet, you make the fat that you consume the best fat that you can possibly get. And those are the things that I mentioned. Hope that helps."