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What achievements are you proudest of and why?

I'm proud of my American record in the women's T 6,400 meters that I set last year and my bronze medal win at the 2019 Dubai championships. Both of these achievements were made possible by overcoming obstacles such as coming out of the pandemic and a terrible blister on my stump. With determination and hard work, I was able to achieve amazing things and prove to myself that I can overcome anything.
Transcript: "Hi, Brett. Thank you so much for that question. I think my proudest achievement No, I'm kidding, I'm kidding. No, not my dog. Well, I am proud of him but my proudest, achievements in track. I have to. And that is my American record that I sent in the women's T 6,400 meters last year and my bronze medal in Dubai in 2019, both of those scenarios were me having to overcome just obstacles. You know, last year, coming out of the pandemic trying to compete in, after not competing in, Were, you know, a year or so. And then in 2019 and Dubai, I had a terrible blister on my stump that was going to keep me from competing. I was ready to not compete but my coach talked me down and he was like, you know what, you need to just do this and I did it and ended up getting a bronze medal. And so, both of those things, I was able to overcome the obstacles that were put in front of me and just kind of be headstrong and get it done. And look at At that amazing things happened. So I'm definitely proud of myself because I know that I can overcome anything as long as I put my mind to and put in the work. And so here we are American record. Bronze medal later and I'm very proud."