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Should I avoid saturated fats?

Saturated fat does not cause heart disease, but it should be avoided if you are consuming a high-sugar and high-starch diet. Anecdotally, eating copious amounts of butter has not caused any blockages in the coronary arteries for one person. The Seven Countries Study was conducted to look into the effects of saturated fat on the public, but it was found that the results were inconclusive.
Transcript: "Okay. So this is one of my favorite questions of all time. I get it a lot and I never get tired of answering it and I'm it because it's a complicated question. Should I avoid saturated fat? I'm going to give you the short answer if your time is limited. Just so that you can take this as a take-home point and leave but I'm also going to tell you at the end the greatest story ever and its relative to this and it's so good that Malcolm Gladwell did a podcast about the story that I'm going to tell you at the end of this answer. So it's really, really good. So stay tuned. If you can, the short answer to should I avoid saturated. Fat is no! Let me repeat that. So, saturated fat and cholesterol were demonized early on, starting in the 1980s actually, and they have been the avoidance of those. Two things have been the basis of the dietary guidelines ever since. And Beginning in around 2010, the research started coming out. Looking at whether saturated fat actually did increase the risk for heart disease. I don't know how many of these I've talked about every one of these studies. So many times. I'm in lectures and workshops and webinars, but I can remember a few of them off the top of my head without even having to check 2010 American journal of clinical nutrition on krause's group out in California. I think they had 356 patients. They Saturated fat and heart disease, no causal connection whatsoever. Duplicated. I think in 2014 chowder bury in the annals of internal medicine. Same results, Zoe Hart. Come in the British medical journal same results. In fact, if you Google saturated fat doesn't cause heart disease and put in the research part of it. You will be reading for a very long time. Real peer-reviewed studies on this. So saturated, that does not cause heart disease. Now, let me be clear about something. I am not advocating that you eat the Standard American diet and go out and locked or a lot of saturated fat on it, because that's not a good idea. Saturated fat actually behaves differently in a Clean Diet, in a diet. That's low in carbohydrates and processed carbohydrates, sugars and grain, our diet. That's low in that will actually behave differently with saturated fat than when you add saturated fat to an already horrible diet, because the combination of sugar and fat is a bad one, no matter what kind of pattern is and if you're not going to change that ass, Active your diet, the high sugar, high starch. I green part of it. You should probably be on a low-fat diet. That's about the only group I can think of that would be. I would recommend low fat too. So that's the first thing about saturated fat. I can tell you from my own personal experience and that we call that an N of 1 meaning, you know, when they do studies they say the N is that's a number of patients that were in the study. So n is three thousand whatever it is. So an inner one is like I'm just telling you my experience and it's anecdotal. Ah, but anecdotal evidence shouldn't be discarded because you get enough anecdotal evidence. You form a hypothesis and that's kind of the basis of science. So here's my anecdote. I eat more butter than a family of four. Does in a month. I probably in, in a week. I put butter on every vegetable, copious amounts of it. I use it in the pan of everything that I'm stir-frying. So, I eat a lot of butter and I recently had a calcium CT angiogram, which basically is Picture of the for coronary arteries to see if there is any blockage whatsoever and guess what 0 on all four of my coronary artery. So, it's butter. Certainly is not clogging my arteries again, take that for what it's worth. Now. Here's the story. So back in the day, when cholesterol and saturated fat with Public Enemy, Number One that we're doing studies like this, seven countries study. This is the basis of all of our nonsensical beliefs about saturated fat and cholesterol and One of the studies they were doing these were the people who really believed saturated fat was the enemy. And really believe that vegetable oil was going to be the savior of the American public save us all from heart disease. They did a study called a"