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Is bacon unhealthy?

Bacon can fit into a healthy diet as long as you limit it and pair it with other lean proteins. Eating too much of any food, including bacon, can be unhealthy so moderation is key.
Transcript: "So the question is is bacon, unhealthy, you know, I think any food is unhealthy. If we eat too much of it, even carrots, as far as bacon bacon is higher in, saturated fat, then lean proteins, lean animal proteins. However, it can fit into a healthy diet. Absolutely. I would say it's not healthy or unhealthy. It's just a food that maybe want to eat less often than a leaner version of protein. In short. I mean, any food is unhealthy if you eat too much of it, bacon included. So, just limit it and couple times a week and you should be fine. It also depends on the rest of your diet. Are you eating a ton of saturated fat? A ton of animal protein? If so, you want to cut down on all of those things, one food is not going to make us healthy or unhealthy. One food is not healthy or unhealthy. It is your diet as a whole."