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How many miles/meters do you swim, run and bike a week?

I swim 20-30 km per week, bike 10-15 hours per week, and run 50-80 km per week.
Transcript: "Hey, David, thanks for the question. So on average, when I'm kind of just training normally, I would swim anywhere from 20 to 30 kilometers of swimming per week. I will bike-- I normally work in hours on the bike, actually, because a lot of my biking is indoors. So I'll do anywhere from 10 to 15 hours of bike per week. And then on running, it's anywhere from 50 to 80 kilometers. So quite a lot but nothing too heroic. I know a lot of athletes that do probably a bit more than that, but I find that that works perfectly for me to tick along and usually keeps me injury free even though I'm sidelined with a bit of an injury at the moment, but I cannot wait to get back to doing those kind of mileage per week."