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How does building a company from the ground up - & AnyQuestion compare to jumping into existing companies Facebook & Uber?

The biggest difference between a start-up from scratch and bigger companies like Facebook or Uber is that when starting from scratch you have to find product Market fit, whereas at bigger companies they already have it. Also, teams are usually smaller and more diverse at start-ups, whereas at bigger companies the teams are larger and more specialized. Finally, at start-ups, more drastic changes are often needed to find product Market fit, whereas bigger companies will typically only make small product tweaks.
Transcript: "I'd say the biggest difference is that when you're doing a start-up from scratch, you have to go from zero to one. So, you're basically trying to find product Market fit iterating on the product. You're not likely going to have product Market fit on day one. So you gotta just keep trying and tweaking things and iterating on things until you really get a product that works. And then you can focus on growing the product. Whereas, when I was at companies like Facebook and Uber, they had already found that product Market. It. So then it was just all about growth and going from one to millions or billions in Facebook's case. Not just 0 to 1. So there are a lot of a lot of things that are different about those two stages. The finding product Market fit stage in the growth stage, which I can go into detail answering other questions, but just to throw it a couple one is the team. So at an early stage startup, you're usually on a very small. Small team, where everyone is wearing, lots of hats. Where is it? A bigger company? You usually have larger teams with people that specialize in certain areas. And I'd say, another difference is just the product itself. When you're a bigger company, you're making smaller iterations on the product. Usually, because you already have that product Market fit, whereas at an early stage company, a lot of times. You're making really big changes. Just trying to make sure your going in the right direction."