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How do you practice breath work when you are on a climb?

To practice breathing while climbing, I focus on breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth while on Boulder problems and Roots. This skill takes time to master as I'm also focusing on other aspects of the climb, but with consistent practice it will help me get better at climbing with the right amount of oxygenated blood in my system.
Transcript: "So how do you practice breathing while you're climbing? I like to go ahead and rehearse that while I am training indoors, if I have the ability to be training indoors. So when I am on boulder problems, I'll be focusing on my breathing in through the nose out through the mouth. When I'm on roots, I'll be focusing on my breathing. And this is a skill that takes time to go ahead and master because when you're climbing you're also trying to do a bunch of other things as far as how does my body need to move, where do my feet need to go, when should I be reaching, and all that kind of good stuff. So breathing is one aspect of the whole game and I will go ahead and practice that over and over and over on every climb and every boulder problem that I get on and just make sure that I am breathing so then I can actually accomplish the tasks that I would like to with the amount of oxygenated blood in my system. Have a good day."