any questions

How do you manage your time?Apps/notes/how do you schedule your time to be a full time family man/ entrepreneur and athlete? How many hrs training pw?

I manage my time by blocking out family and training time on my Google Calendar, and then scheduling important meetings related to my startup. I try to say no to other distractions in order to stay focused.
Transcript: "Hi Jason, thanks for the question. If you had were to ask my wife how I manage my time. She would say not very well. I do tend to over commit. A bit that said I live by Google Calendar. And I one of the first things I do every week is I try to put my training time into my calendar to block that out. That's a bit of a non-negotiable. So I just take the workouts that my coach gives me in today's plan. Blackout that time on my calendar. The second thing I do is I have certain family time, that is also non-negotiable whether that's dinner time with the kids or bedtime or things like that, which are just also blocked out on my calendar. And then with my remaining time I try to just schedule meetings that are important for what I'm focused on at this time. And right now, it's really Building this app. So I'm trying to say no to pretty much any other meeting that comes up in order to stay focused because I find that if I don't say no, I'll end up getting tons of distractions and not really accomplishing anything. So I guess I've kind of laid out to you. I have three things on my life, in my life. I'm focused on right now, Family, training and building the startup. And I try to stay focused on those things and don't really do too much else these days. Thanks."