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Have you been diagnosed with PTSD because of your service as a firefighter?

I was diagnosed with PTSD recently and it's important to understand that it can be caused by many different incidents, not just one. It's important to remember that you are still in charge of your own life, even with PTSD.
Transcript: "This is always a tough question to answer, but I was diagnosed with PTSD not too long ago and I kind of stained from wanting to have that tag on my head or that tag of being somebody who at that time, they say wasn't able to handle your emotions. But I have had many incidents from being at the fire service to being in. Military to going to search recovery at 9/11. And I think the one thing to understand about PTSD is it's a lot of times, it's a cumulative and it can happen in many different Realms. A lot of people just say oh it's from this one incident and yeah that can happen PTSD can be from you can have in develop individualized PTSD from different events that happen within your career within your time in service. And for myself, I Finally have come to the grips of what I'm dealing with and being able to say that I have been diagnosed with PTSD, but at the same time that it can't run your life. You have to be the owner of your own life and I think that's the biggest thing for firefighters or First Responders to be able to understand to move forward."