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For first time climbers why is a flat sole more recommended?

For first time climbers, flat-soled shoes are more comfortable, will help develop toe and foot strength, and make it easier to transition to a slightly or very downturn shoe once they start climbing more challenging terrain.
Transcript: "First time climbers enjoy wearing a flat sole shoe because it is more like the regular shoes that they're wearing. So that means if you put them in a very tight-fitting downturn shoe they're going to be extremely uncomfortable and then they're not going to use their feet very well. The other thing about a flat sole shoe is that you get to develop your toe strength and foot strength when you're standing on holds. A lot of folks don't like to make that initial transition with a very downturned shoe on it. So bottom line is a flat sole is going to be an easier transition for someone who hasn't climbed before. It's going to be more comfortable, they're going to be able to keep the shoe on longer, and they're going to be able to improve their footwork. Once they start changing the terrain that they're climbing on and it gets a little bit more overhanging, they will see the benefit of having a slightly or very downturned shoe."