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Do you work on your own as a freelance, or are you part of a company, or parented with specific businesses?

I'm freelance and I've been this way for 20 years. I prefer to be in charge and never worked as an assistant or second shooter. Working on my own helped me trust my gut and create my own style of photography.
Transcript: "Do you work on your own as a freelance or are you part of a company or parented with some specific business? I love that question. So I'm I'm freelance I own my own business and I've been that way for 20 years. Do I want to be part of a company? No because I like to be in charge. So no I don't work for anybody else. I've never worked for anyone else like ever. I never was a second shooter. Well I did it once with a friend but outside of that I didn't work under anyone. I did not work as an assistant. I didn't do any of that and that's just my personality. But yeah so I've always been freelance but believe it or not that's a question I'm asked a lot where people tend to assume. Do you start off working with the company parented with a specific business as the question states. Maybe working under someone as an assistant, second shooter or some you know something of that nature. But no I'm learned on the job. I do think that that helped me hone into my confidence early on as a photographer. Helped me learn what I wanted. Helped me trust my gut. Thus being able to kind of create a style and my own lane that no one really has been able to really you know crack. But that's just because it's my own and I was never never really was under anyone else. So I hope that helps."