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Do you ever take a break from climbing sometimes? If yes, how long, and what do you do instead?

Yes, I usually take a break from climbing over the holidays. During this time, I will still do my back exercises and possibly run instead of climbing training. I will also take this opportunity to spend time with family and take care of any neglected tasks.
Transcript: "Do I ever take a break from climbing and how long and what do I do instead? Yes, usually I do. Over the holidays it's very difficult to kind of maintain a regular training regime so that's a time where you can back off and just enjoy being with family, getting outside and doing things with folks that I want to be with. I generally will not stop doing my kind of back exercises. I broke my back years ago so I can continually need to do that for keeping my strength but other than that I'll maybe just run instead of actually doing climbing training. I clean, I take care of things that haven't been taken care of and just again spend time with my family and enjoy the rest."