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Can you talk about your dietary, nutrition, and supplement practices? What are your 5 best pro tips? And what's your take on keto?

I consume a lot of calories and focus on eating plenty of protein. I also take BCAA powder before my harder workouts and magnesium glycinate at night to help me sleep.
Transcript: "I'm not an expert when it comes to nutrition, but I can tell you what I do. First of all, I just consume a lot of calories. I'm always hungry because I'm always working out. So I try to eat a lot of calories. I especially try to eat a lot of protein. So I'll often have eight eggs for breakfast. After I do a morning workout. Although I'll remove the yolks from half of them, and I like to mix that with some veggies. Stove. And I just try to eat all kinds of protein fish, chicken meat as well. And I'll also have protein shakes, probably three or four times a week after some of my longer workouts. I guess a few other things I do one is I take BCAA powder before I do some of my harder strength workouts. That's something that my swim coach recommended. I do. I just kind of mix it with water and the only supplement I take is I'll take magnesium pills at night magnesium, magnesium glycinate, which also helps me fall asleep. So those are, those are a few things that come to mind, basically, eat a lot and eat a lot of protein. And of course, drink, a lot of fluids as well. Mostly water."