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Can you describe the ideal sprint freestyle technique?

There is no one perfect technique that works for everyone, it really depends on the individual's level of ability and capacity. The best way to figure out what works best for you is to practice and experiment with different techniques such as head position, relaxation, rotation, high elbow catch, and hasari high elbow recovery.
Transcript: "I love this. Question is one that we get Austin. So during the whole time, what is the best? What is the ideal? What is the perfect? And the reality is, there is no such thing. The best is the best for you based on your level of ability, capacity, development growth, whatever you want to call it. When you look at the fundamentals of the way we catch with a high elbow. Or even if you look at that, it's there's a African degree of variance within the stroke itself. So whether you have really, really high elbow pool or that high higher, elbow, gets deeper, and deeper and deeper as you see in some more powerful sprinters. So, to describe the ideal technique relaxation, which is probably the top of it, you want to have a significant or not, maybe not a significant but it really good distance per stroke if you want to be swimming. In essence taller than what you are. You don't want to be short and choppy so with that short and choppy comes that little bit of angst. We want that relaxation in that stroke, we wanted to learn fundamentals. We want to be able to get into that high elbow catch. So whether you are a high elbow cash that's really, really high or slightly deeper more powerful, that's something that you have to work on. And these are often the most unfair filling answers, but the reality is, you have to spend time out there doing You know, all these things. Because we can sit here on this platform and tell you various things. But the reality is you have to go out there and actually do it, practice it, put it into, you know, test it over periods of time to figure out. Really, what is the best technique for you? Whether that's head position in mind, relaxation, rotation, High, elbow, High elbow, catch, or hasari high elbow. Recovery straight on recovery. You have to go out and Experiment with what is going to work best for you?"