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Are surf gangs real?

Surf gangs are very real in certain places such as Hawaii, Jeffrey's Bay, and other areas where surfers are trying to protect their waves. In these areas, locals can be intimidating and aggressive towards foreigners, and even beat them up if they don't follow the rules. However, when the waves get bigger, there is often a common respect among surfers and a brotherhood of looking out for each other.
Transcript: "Also, if gangs real 100%. So, surfing is such a selfish wart, like, people is all this vibe that it's everyone's chilled and happy and having a good time together and they are places like that. But in certain places where people want to protect the wave, like the, the worst place is Hawaii the way with pipeline. There's local gangs back in the day, used to be really bad people. Get beaten up all the time foreigners coming in because They the locals wanted to make phone is scared the so that they break wouldn't get. So crowded nowadays say in Hawaii, many people have pressed charges against low the locals, they can't be as violent and aggressive but it's still there's a lot of intimidation out there. I go to Hawaii every year and it's really, really tough. Being a foreigner. They trying to get waves, maybe get one one good wave in about three hours because the local guys are just taking all the waves I know. In Jeffrey's Bay in South Africa, there used to be a local kind of gang called the white shirts and they also used to regulate the lineup. And if people are out of line or God in the way or dropped in by mistake, they will get beaten up and then asked to leave the town. So there's certain places around the world especially when the waves are quite quite good in a place where there are guys regulating the life, all surf gangs real 100%. So surfing is such a selfish War. The the funny thing about it is that there's often a correlation often people who serve smaller, waves seem to have a big ego and there seems to be more aggression because I've certainly found as the waves get bigger, you got to the arteries which are further out. There's this common respect suddenly because people are out there. There's a Brotherhood everyone's looking out for each other to make sure you all surviving and often when the waves get bigger people have a lot more respect for each other."