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Building your voice to make a podcast

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How can building your voice and creating a successful podcast lead to personal and professional growth?

Creating a successful podcast requires finding your voice, understanding who you are as a professional, and using guests to help you accentuate that message.
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Can you talk about the role that consistency and commitment play in creating a successful podcast?

It's important for podcasters to stay consistent with their content in order to build a dedicated listener base.
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How can someone balance their vision and goals for their podcast with the feedback and expectations of their audience?

It's important to have a clear vision and goals when starting a podcast, as it will take time to build an audience. Make sure to ask for feedback from your audience, but always stay true to your vision and goals.
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How can someone go about finding and booking interesting guests for their podcast?

When looking for guests for a podcast, it's best to start with people that you know well and are comfortable talking to. Research their backgrounds on LinkedIn and Google to learn more about them. As your podcast becomes more established you can branch out further by using LinkedIn and Google to look for those who identify with the topic and mission of your podcast.
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Can you talk about the importance of storytelling and engaging your audience in a podcast?

When engaging an audience in a podcast, it is important to have conversations that feel like they are between two people, rather than a question and answer format. You should research enough to start the conversation but be able to draw out more information to keep the conversation going. This will make both the guest and the audience feel more connected to the podcast.
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How can someone find their unique voice and perspective as a podcaster?

When I started my podcast, I was looking to hear the stories of high achievers and how they got to where they are. To find your own podcast voice, you need to be passionate about your topic and be able to make it something that is long lasting.
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What advice do you have for someone who wants to start their own podcast but doesn't know where to begin?

The first step in creating a podcast is to determine who you are and what message you want to deliver. Find guests that align with that message to create the perfect podcast.
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Can you share a bit about your own experience creating and producing podcasts?

Creating the Forged in the Fires podcast with Fireman Rob was a passion project that I wanted to do to bring in other people's stories and experiences. The process involved trial-and-error of different platforms like Audacity and Spotify for Podcasters, as well as creating images for the podcast. Additionally, services like Fiverr can be used to create intros and outros. Ultimately, you have to craft it into your own message and mission for your podcast.