Which shoes, besides your signature TYR or any TYR shoes, would you choose to wear for CrossFit?

CrossFit shoes are the best for this type of workout because they are flexible and provide a good balance between running, jumping, and weightlifting. They are usually not too soft or too stiff, providing a comfortable feel for different workouts.
Transcript: "A lot of this is just your preference, but I will say for most CrossFit stuff, you want a shoe that's going to perform well in a lot of different conditions. And it's sort of a continuum where on one end you've got shoes that are maybe a little softer, a little more flexible. They feel really nice to run in, you know, do box jumps, skipping, that kind of stuff. And then the far other side is something like a weightlifting shoe that's very flat, very stiff, but super stable. So if you're doing anything like squatting, you know, Olympic lifting, you feel really sturdy under weight. But obviously the stiff shoe doesn't perform well if you've got to run and jump, and the runner doesn't perform really well if you've got to weightlift. You feel like it's really soft in the foot and you might lose your balance. So you want something that's kind of in the middle. Generally a shoe that's a little bit flatter, is comfortable to wear, has a little bit of flexibility. So, you know, you can play with a few different shoes. A lot of the companies that make a CrossFit shoe, they're all doing the same thing. Some of them are just on one side or the other of that sort of stiffness scale. So play with whatever you want, but you're never going to get everything. You're always going to be either a little softer, feel better in that running, jumping stuff or a little stiffer, feel better with the barbell and the stable security. So you can kind of cater that to whatever types of workouts you tend to do more of. And you'll have happy feet."