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What's a topic in your field right now that you're excited about?

In CrossFit, everyone is talking about the CrossFit Open, which is the first step in qualifying for the CrossFit Games. In physical therapy, I'm excited about dry needling research and its effects on patients I've been working with.
Transcript: "This one is what the topic in your field right now that you're excited about. Well, I'm going to say my two fields or CrossFit and physical therapy. So in the CrossFit World, everybody's talking about the cross, it open, it starts next week, it kind of begins, our whole process for qualifying for the CrossFit games, which is the Pinnacle, basically of what we do and in physical therapy, I'm going to go with dry needling because I just got dry needling certified. I just finished my certification over the weekend and there's a whole lot of research that's going into dry needling and what can be done and the effects that it's having. And in the clients I've been working with so far, it's been pretty cool to see results if you don't know about dry needling, there's a whole lot more information and we can talk about that another time as well."