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What do you think is the biggest challenge for CrossFit athletes?

The biggest challenge for a CrossFit athlete is staying motivated. It can be hard to keep up with the rigorous training, and the long season that lasts from February to August can take a toll on the body and mind. Taking time off can help, but itโ€™s important to also stay competitive and strive to improve. Finding the balance between taking time off and pushing yourself can be difficult.
Transcript: "Biggest challenge for CrossFit athlete. I would say, is staying motivated. Motivation is a big thing. It's a long season and it's hard, you know, stay motivated throughout or season starts in February. Today we just did 23.1 so the open season starts in February. If you make it to the games, you're going all the way through August and it's long. Its toll on the body, it's physically and mentally draining. And afterwards. You want to take some time off, and it's hard. That's where you start thinking. Like, do I want to make another run? But, you know, there's people out there who haven't made the games who aren't taking that time off, and they keep training, and that's why the needle keeps moving. And it's, you got to keep up in your game, just get back to where you want to day but it is hard. It is hard, staying motivated. The training level. We do is hard and there are times we are thinking like maybe it's time for me to take a year off. Off or you know maybe maybe it's time to dial it back so that it that's what I. It's just being motivated I hit it hard for my first three years in my masters Division, I took two years off and I'm back in the next Division. I hid it for the first two years, I'm in my year three, I'm looking ahead it again we'll see if I take some time off but again you got to find that balance. It's a long season. It's hard to stay motivated throughout year after year."