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How has CrossFit changed your life?

I grew up playing a lot of sports and was always athletic. It has stayed mostly the same, but I am now able to extend my athletic career into adulthood through various opportunities that I have taken advantage of. I am proud of myself for finishing my schooling and still working on the side.
Transcript: "I grew up playing a lot of sports and I was always pretty athletic. So from that perspective, it hasn't really changed much but you know I had every intention of going to University and then starting to work and just being a therapist for the rest of my life. So it's kind of been a very cool way to extend my athletic career into my into adulthood and meet a lot of really cool people. See a lot of really cool places in the across the world and, you know, a cop Publish some really cool things that, you know, you can be proud of forever and you can look back on and years time and and, you know, think about how cool it was that you had those opportunities that you did. So I'm really happy that I took advantage of the opportunity and and you know, went for it and still proud that I finished my schooling and I'm working still on the side. But it's been a really cool thing that I never ever would have predicted that I'd be able to do"