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How does judging for CrossFit differ from other sports?

In CrossFit, standards can vary from competition to competition. There is also the Uncommon Movement Clause which states that if an athlete's movement does not look normal or right, it is a no rep. Factors such as lighting, capacity of the event and the distance between the athlete and the judge can also affect the standards.
Transcript: "It's a really good question with a lot of sports, you know, take basketball or travel to travel a walk as a wall. Could double dribble, double dribble football, hold as a whole, no matter where you are, no matter what stadium in CrossFit, it can vary because the standards can change from competition to competition. A lot of times, what you see is the standard was written a specific way and the spectators might not be aware of it or they're not really understanding that the judge has to judge a certain aspect of it and not with the general assumption. You might be that potentially of squat might be or hand release push up or anything like that. So the standards because they vary so much. A push-up is not always a push up. The squat is not always a squat, it might call for a squat, but the athlete does a full squat versus a power, right? Or not a squad necessarily but so, the standards essentially come down to it. There's also in CrossFit The Uncommon movement Clause. So if there's a question there is no question. But essentially what that means, As is. If it doesn't look normal. If it doesn't look right. And it's a no rep. Plain and simple. So with the capacity of the event, with the size, the lighting, if you go to a place like wind up losing, it's like a nightclub. You got to some events where you're 25 feet away from the athlete. On the most important thing to remember is the standard not so changes. Most in CrossFit"