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How do I find a coach? It’s seems like one (of the multitude) of common denominators between Games athletes & mere mortals.

When looking for a coach, look locally and find someone who meshes with your style. Ask around and make sure you keep open lines of communication with your coach to ensure that it is a successful partnership.
Transcript: "I think you just ask around and you try to find people who kind of mesh with you. My recommendation would always be to look locally and find somebody that you can work with, especially if you're just kind of starting out, because having eyes on and instant feedback is really irreplaceable. If you're very skilled and been competing for a long time or you're something of a veteran, then remote coaching is another option. You should try to make sure that you have reasonably open lines of communication with your coach, but I think you just have to ask and you have to look around and you might have to go through a coach or two to see if someone really fits with your style, really understands you, really gets what you're trying to do. I think that if you can find all of those things, any coach will be fine. Everybody's a little bit different. Everyone's tastes are a little bit different for the athlete and coach. You just want to find somebody that meshes with you, but I would just get on whatever on social media, locally call around, pop into gyms, talk to people, see who's interested in working with you. A lot of coaches nowadays might have an interview process of sorts to sort of see if they feel like you're a good fit for them as well, because at the end of the day, it's a team and you need to make sure that everybody's doing their part to make that a successful partnership."