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Do you use Whoop? Why or why not?

I used to wear a Whoop for a couple of years and found it useful for tracking my sleep and recovery habits. However, when it told me I was 20% recovered on the day of a competition, I decided to take it off and never put it back on. Despite this, I still performed extremely well in the competition.
Transcript: "I wore a whoop for a couple years in about 2017 2018 I stopped wearing it and I have never worn any real biometric stuff since there's some a lot of value in them I think you can learn a lot by paying attention to data and wearing them for long periods of time but I think it kind of depends a bit on your personality and I know there are people who get very obsessive about data and I knew a lot of athletes who started wearing them and you know got so obsessive about their sleep data that it would keep them up at night and it would you know then the recovery data was saying it was bad and so they would go into a session primed thinking they were gonna have a bad session whereas you know I was never really I never wanted to be a you know a victim of my data so I never wanted to take it too too seriously I used it to improve my sleep hygiene habits try to figure out some sweet spot on things like that but I remember the day I took it off was the day of the regionals the East regional in 2018 that woke up for the first day of the competition and it told me I was like way in the red like 20% recovered it shouldn't do any activity today but it was the day of the competition so like it or not you had to go and I took it off threw it in the corner and never put it back on performed extremely well for that entire weekend one of the best competitions total competitions I've ever had so you know at that point I think I had learned everything I needed from it so I think there's a lot of value you can gain it's good to share that data with like your coaches or people it can help you from over training that kind of stuff but it can mess with some people's heads so just be wary of that"