Can you expand on how you balance family with work and training 2 or 3 times a day? I'm finding it a bit difficult.

Balancing a family and work life is difficult and requires a lot of organization. Make sure to keep good communication with your partner, have a good babysitter on call, and prioritize what's important.
Transcript: "This just is difficult. I think there's no way to make it not be difficult. It just takes a lot of organization. You know, I'd spend a lot of time every week organizing the following week with my partner of when either of us are gonna be working, when I'm gonna be training, who's got the kids, like what's happening. And I try to plan ahead so that when the time comes we can just kind of skate through it and you just have to be wherever you plan to be, do whatever you plan to do, and you don't have to think on the fly quite so much. Obviously with kids things don't always go to plan and you do need to be able to adapt. So to be honest, personally I'm working on that still. I like to be able to stick to a rigid framework. But we've just made it whatever is a priority is a priority and we plan around that stuff and you kind of keep as open lines of communication as possible. And to be honest, have a good babysitter on call if you can, somebody who can come help out, whether it's family or just you're hiring a sitter, because sometimes things happen and you've got to be able to take off and do something for a little bit. But yeah, it's not easy and I don't think it ever will be. So best of luck. If you figure something out you let me know."