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Who are your typical clients at ILET?

Eyelet provides free training in CQB, CQC Firearms, defensive tactics, de-escalation, interpersonal skills, leadership and instructional design to law enforcement, corrections, public safety and military personnel. People interested in attending training can go to eyelet dot Network to find out more.
Transcript: "What is our typical clients at ILET? Well, ILET stands for International Law Enforcement Training. That's the company, ILET Network. Obviously, we have ILET USA LLC in the US. We have ILET Group Limited in Canada. And we're spread out into about 100 countries now. So primarily our target market is law enforcement. Law enforcement, corrections, public safety. But we do allow people from anywhere in the emergency services, public safety sector, and military to come in and attend training. We do everything from CQB, CQC, firearms, defensive tactics, all the way down to INI, de-escalation type training, interpersonal skills, leadership development, training development, everything down to instructional design. And so we cover the gambit. We have experts from state, federal, municipal law enforcement agencies. We have experts from many, many countries, special forces and military departments. We have a lot of people from a lot of places that share as much content and information as they can to make sure that you're better, so that you have more opportunity to attend training. It's a free platform. It's free training. We do free stuff all the time. And you can go to to check that out. And I appreciate the question. But really it's about delivering as much relevant action while training to as many people as possible. So if that sounds like something you want, come check us out. Happy to have you or send me a question."