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What has been the most rewarding experience since launching ILET?

The most rewarding experience since launching eyelet has been the chance to work with people I admire, respect and call it a job.
Transcript: "What has been the most rewarding experience since launching ILET? Well, ILET, International Law Enforcement Training Network, was launched in 2020. And the reason it was launched was because we took this concept of delivering as much actual relevant training to as many people as possible. And we made it a virtual event before COVID was even a thing, before the pandemic happened. So when it happened and we launched, we had over 10,000 officers from 76 countries attend our first training event, which was crazy. So ILET became a company because we had to, because if we didn't, the tax man was gonna come and have a chat with me. So ILET has always been a passion project and will always be a passion project for me. I'm just very fortunate that I get to do something that I love. And so what is rewarding is that I get to talk to people that I admire, respect, and work with every single day, and I get to call it a job. So that's pretty cool."