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What are some signs of sex trafficking that every human should be aware of?

Signs of sex trafficking that everyone needs to be aware of include individuals becoming withdrawn and disconnected from their friends, families, communities, and schools. If something doesn't feel right, it is best to address the issue and find out more information. Resources like the Department of Homeland Security's Blue Campaign can be a great starting point for more information.
Transcript: "Great question. What are some signs of sex trafficking that everybody needs to be aware of? Well, obviously, we take this a different direction for training law enforcement, but for the general public, if one of the key things, and I had the opportunity to run the International Countersex Trafficking Summit in 2021, and one of the things that we did was we brought in experts from around the world, including victims and survivors of human trafficking. And one of the things that they said across the board was that individuals that are being trafficked will be withdrawn. They're going to become disconnected from their friends, their families, their communities, their schools. And it may not happen immediately. It can be a long process that we call grooming. And what can happen is these things can happen in small increments over time. And so to be aware of those, to when you identify something that doesn't quite feel right, to address it and to get to the bottom of it soon is usually the best option. Obviously, we can take it to the other end of the spectrum now, where you can obviously see signs that they're being abused, physically, mentally or otherwise. You can see that they, you know, they're completely missing or they're conducting sex hacks on the street, right? So there's a great resource right now that Department of Homeland Security has called the Blue Campaign. You should see the link or the button here on this or it's in the comments. Check that out. They keep it completely up to date. It's a great starting point. If you have any more questions, just reach out to me directly. Thanks."
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